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Developing goalies is tough. We help make it easier!

Being around the position for years, we know all about the barriers organizations and associations face when it comes to goaltending. Even the best coaches shy away from helping goalies due to lack of knowledge on the position.

At True North, our aim is to help goalies in any way that we can, and we know that by supporting organizations with their goalie development is one of the best ways to do so. We offer a variety of services to organizations to help them maximize their goalies' development. Some services may be offered remotely for organizations outside the Edmonton area. In-person services can be offered to organizations in areas within a few hours of Edmonton depending on coach availability, so arrangements can be discussed. Services include:

  • On-ice goalie training

  • Seminars to help teach coaches basics of goaltending and how they can best support their team's goalies

  • Organizing "Try Goalie" days

  • Organizational consulting to help implement ongoing programs for goalie development

  • Off-ice training such as cognitive training and mental coaching

  • Contacts to partners who specialize in goalie strength and flexibility training

  • Mentorship options for goalies

  • Digital packages with resources on how to improve their game (goalies) or how to help support their goalies (coaches)

  • Other custom needs your organization may need


If you are interested in letting us make the most of your goalie development, fill out the form below to see how we can help you!

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