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Video Breakdown

Our video breakdowns are part of what makes us unique at True North Goaltending. The best way to improve your game, is to understand your game. Our video breakdowns help provide personalized feedback with visual aids using tools like voice over feedback, slow motion playback, and drawing tools overtop of the footage from your goalie session.

This is done through our video app where every athlete gets their own private account in which only their video is uploaded to. Every session will have raw video uploaded to their account, but the added video breakdown will allow our coaching staff to review the footage and provide feedback based on what is seen. This helps the goaltender visualize the concepts the coaches are talking about on the ice, and even pick up some small nuances that may be missed on the ice. The video breakdown will breakdown all the footage collected during a session, and will offer approximately 30 minutes of reviewable feedback footage (although this can vary from session to session).

Below are some short examples of what to expect from the video breakdown.

Testimonials from actual goalie clients:

Sure you can learn things off of online videos, but nothing beats practice and repetition. Being able to review and breakdown your own personal practice footage helps in understanding the areas to improve and become a better goalie


- Adam B.

I absolutely love the video analysis and feedback. It gives me a chance to see my game from another point of view. Also, being able to go back and study, that is extremely helpful

- Jeff B.

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